Strong foundations

Denholm Wilhelmsen is a joint venture between J. & J. Denholm and Wilh. Wilhelmsen.

J. & J. Denholm was founded by James and John Denholm and can trace its origins back to 1866 when one of their first businesses was ships agency. Over the years they have diversified and today the group has four main business streams: shipping, logistics, seafoods and industrial services.

Wilh. Wilhelmsen was founded by Wilh. Wilhelmsen in 1861 as shipowners. They too have diversified their interests into ships agency and supplying products to the shipping industry but their main business is owning and operating car carriers.

The key assets of Denholm Wilhelmsen have always been its people and the values on which each company is built: fairness, achievement, integrity and respect.

Denholm Wilhelmsen is proud to be a company steeped in history and, today, is focused on building on those strong foundations by providing quality, excellence and innovation to give a competitive advantage to all our customers.