Lay-up Services

Denholm Wilhelmsen provides competitive lay up services in port and at anchor for a variety of vessel types.

In addition to shore side monitoring services of the vessels mooring lines, Denholm Wilhelmsen can provide all the services required to assist ships in warm lay up including crew changes, victualling, transport and accommodation.

All services are available in a number of ports around the UK including:

  • Avonmouth
  • Barry
  • Blyth
  • Hull
  • Inchgreen – Clyde
  • KGV Glasgow
  • Leith
  • Liverpool
  • Portland
  • Tees
  • Tilbury

Cold lay up services are available in both Falmouth and the Clyde with Denholm Wilhemsen providing  one of the most competitive cold lay up services in Northern Europe at the Fal River anchorage. Vessels with up to 190 metre length can anchor in the river and undertake a cold lay up at highly competitive prices.